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Salo, located in southwestern Finland, is a dynamic hub for businesses, particularly in technology and manufacturing. It’s known for its innovative spirit, partly due to its history as the birthplace of Nokia’s mobile operations.

Nowadays, Salo is known from the diverse mix of industries from digitalization and electronics to cleantech. The town benefits from good transport connections, good entrepreneurial climate and a supportive ecosystem for small and big and also global companies alike.

With services like relocating business and networking events, Salo is an ideal place for businesses aiming for growth in a competitive global market.

Salo was ranked 2023 in 3rd place as the most attractive area in Finland for business operations*).
*) Source:

Yrityssalo – Business Center of Salo

Yrityssalo is a business development company enabling growth for local businesses.  We are a non-profil company owned by the city of Salo – all our services are free-of-charge

We provide wide range of business-related services in the region

  • Including business counseling, networking opportunities and funding advice
  • Supporting companies in their recruitments of new personel
  • Helping to relocate your business in Salo better
  • We also manage many EU-projects which offer a better platform for the growth of companies and networks for our area

For start-ups we are an advisor

  • Offering advisory services for starting an enterprise
  • Boosting great ideas to business
  • Providing current information on the available business sites and possibilities for new business

For  SME’s we are a partner

  • Providing business and growth services for SME’s
  • Organizing business and network events
  • Relocating and invest-in services for business entering Salo

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